Living in the office involves the fact of knowing how to share, very often, the physical space with other people. It may seem trivial, but it is not a "practice" very simple. First, of course, it is always advisable to start with a simple and fundamental rule: having and maintaining the deepest respect for others. Furnish the office trying to meet everyone's needs, for example, is a practice recommended to make the environment the most functional and productive as possible. Even the love for the planet it shows in the behavior of all days, even when working. Infojob, the online stock of the work, has developed a set of guidelines specifically developed thanks to its experience and aims to make the office more environmentally sustainable, eco-friendly but also economical. Anna Maria Mazzini, Marketing Manager of said: "Especially at this time is more important than ever to focus on quality and the green philosophy emphasizes this aspect on a human level and innovation. The experience of the now four-channel Green allows us to outline a trend of growth in the sector, led by Lombardy (29.66%), Emilia Romagna (15.17%), the Veneto (14, 76%) for the job. " But what, exactly, to respect the environment when you live in the office? First, pay attention to the temperature of the offices, which must not be too high or too low. A classic situation occurs when they are "manipulated" by the employees with the air conditioning or heating. Moreover, digitize their archives and then rely on an organization paperless means avoiding paper waste and significantly reduce the amount of clutter in the office. Finally, it is recommended to use the printer only when strictly necessary and to check on pc preview before you start printing.