There is a new trend in design: retrieve forms and inspirations from fields adjacent to his world to be able to totally reinvent. In 2013, the office furnishings is dyed colors flou dictated by fashion, followed the trend of wireless technology by reducing the space and time takes its inspiration from the world of cars, more precisely from luxury models. It is news these days that the house of luxury cars Porsche has decided to reuse parts of one of his most legendary cars as office furniture, proposing in particular the famous sports session adapted to ergonomic chairs. With padded back, with special arms and support to five spokes as standard Healthy, the chair offered by Porsche is finished in leather and is an original piece of the iconic model 911. Similarly wing is recycled as a library and any other removed part goes to make a collection true. Only handicap of this collection? Perhaps it is a bit 'too pretentious to be inserted in contexts directional, perhaps a bit' too valuable to operational contexts and definitely can not be used as a chair for the waiting room. The point is to understand how to match it so the rest of the interior design studied about the capabilities of those who live the office without letting it be too jarring or out of place. Overall, though, seems to be a decisive turning point in the world of furniture design office that draws not only from ergonomics or the colors of fashion but now also dall'aerodinamicità of automotive design.