Office life is often stressful and it is important that the environment in which you work and spend many hours of the day both comfortable and positive, at a time of economic crisis like the one that Italy is going through. Just want to talk about positive and, in particular, of color therapy, a discipline that gives meaning and properties in various colors. It seems, in fact, that knowing how the blue and green foster calm while red and yellow vitality and energy. For this reason it would be very important to choose the colors of furniture when you think the office. Decorate with style and harmony seems, in fact, that helps to create and deliver the right power in the workplace. Energy which could help to increase productivity and positivity while working. Also with regard to the colors, experts assert that 'orange promotes serenity and also the memory, while the purple aid creatives. The classic white helps concentration, but you have to avoid the cool colors because, for the office are considered unsuitable and uninspiring level working. We must, therefore, proceed with caution and intelligence when you have to furnish an office and think about what kind of environment and energy you need for the type of work you will be performing. That also means furnish choose colors and create the right environment for people. Never forget that your employees, as human beings, must be stimulated and that the environment is essential for this task.