The tendency to devote a corner or a room in the house to the PC and the printer is a habit that Italians have taken early 90s when they spread the first computer means affordable to everyone. With the advent of the 2000s by the American world have inherited some mobility data from laptops and subsequent netbook office learning to live in a much more flexible and sometimes leaving the workplace and continuing to house their documents. In this decade the Italian are increasingly inheriting the Anglo-Saxon tendency to create a home office. To create a home office, however, are not enough in a chair, a table and a computer. As rightly says an article by that echo the words of Lisa Kanarek, blogger expert in creating home office, there are some tips and tricks that it is better to follow if you approach to transform their home studio. The first great council regards change the perspective with which we perceive the room you want to use as a study should not be comfortable and respect the look of the house, must be functional. To be functional must have furniture which promote productivity and not the relaxation or distraction. For this reason Lisa want to invest money in ergonomic chairs: they will not be in line with other devices in the home but certainly psychologically affect differently giving the idea of ​​rigor than relaxing. Similarly recommend placing photos and personal effects more normally found on the desk of the work out of view of the worker to avoid being stimulated distraction or the memory of something related to the family sphere that at that moment should not interfere. Two mentions interesting finally cover the area wiring and lighting. Regarding the first, the advice is to choose a room in their home where there are enough outlets for the electricity needs of the PC, phone, charger for phones and tablets to avoid release devices in several places of the house and make them so less functional. The lighting, however, for most it is regulated by the natural one: to have a window in which to enter the natural light is one of the resources most valued by workers. Lisa and yahoo homes still recommend to keep a quantity of light sufficient to avoid heaviness of the eyes and even a table lamp for the nights or winter afternoons. In short, the home office will be taken care of at the level of detail, space and certainly will be much more comfortable, but certainly should prefer an office furniture in order to encourage maximum productivity and shorten working hours to devote to the sweet distractions living just behind the door.