The company Smart Office continues to meet various needs in furniture for office, even in this difficult economic time and financial. Italy (and beyond) is experiencing, without a doubt, a period of severe economic crisis, a factor that has its effects not only on the economy but also on the everyday way of life and to understand the company. The social fabric, in fact, is changing radically and quickly, the technology opens up new possibilities and workplaces adapt to change more and more. When we think of the life office, for example, we can easily realize how things have changed and situations than a few years ago: types of jobs, schedules and timelines, social life at work and much more. Those involved in creating office furniture, as, knows how workplaces have become more compact, flexible, adaptable. In offices, for example, there are fewer and fewer full-time employees and more self-employed workers, with positions created at home. All this, of course, because of the web, which is no longer necessary, in many cases, the physical presence in the workplace. For the field of office furniture, then, comes another challenge: designing and furnishing of "home studios" to work from home. Even in the same companies, however, the concept of office is radically transformed: from individual offices, where every worker could count on their own room furnished and their loneliness, today you say new types of work: the open space and coworking. Now exists, therefore, a different organization of the office, the desks and cubicles are reduced to create more working groups, workshops and meetings of various kinds. But what was expected to meet the new demands of modern office furniture? The solutions that have been developed are several good, ranging from large desks equipped with partitions that can be integrated and disassembled with ease according to various needs, libraries super-read up to evaluate many other accessories possible. It must be said that nowadays, whether working at home or in a modern office, emphasis is simple and functional furniture. We must not, however, overlook the fundamental importance of the work station: the spaces are often shared, but must comply with the requirements "vital" for workers, the chairs should be ergonomic and comfortable and the desk, the subject "prince" of the work, should be thought and designed for all those who work remotely. Once provided in our all these points we must not, of course, never forget or neglect the design and order: Windows and libraries, for example, give the ability to have order and rational spaces. To meet the needs of all customers, Smart Office ( has developed a service of shipping throughout Italy, excluding the islands. The shipping cost is free for orders worth more than a thousand euro of the net amount (excluding VAT). For orders below this amount, the company requires a fee equal to 10% of the equity.