The classic "office life" as it was understood only a few years ago, no longer exists. In these years of harsh economic crisis, in fact, has changed the very way we work and to conceive the environment as "fatigue". Few, now, clock in and respect canonical hours. A change, then, are the relationships between the people working in the same office. In this regard, according to the statistics reported by the website Luxembourg appointments for C-Date, Italians are also finished for Italians the timing of the reports in the office. To find the partner, now, socializing on the web. According to the site, and as reported by the Corriere della Sera, Italy beats not only France and Germany, but also those Scandinavian countries that were once considered the mythical and legendary love free and uninhibited, as a number of amorous encounters per week. In beautiful country, in fact, people who claim to have sex every day are 13%, as the Poles, against 11% in France and Spain, 8% in Sweden, 7% of Denmark and just 5% of Germany. In Europe, only one country, the surprising Belgium, is ahead in the standings with a 14% record. The basis of interviews Observatory C-date was 8 thousand people, male and female, aged between 20 and 60 years and from all over Europe. The "frequent lover 'Italian, unlike what you would think, are the very young, but they have especially between 35 and 45 years. Not only in this category are not lucky the most numerous singles (21%), but men and women involved in stable relationships (77%).