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Office cabinets

A well-organized work environment and furnished in a functional way facilitates daily work, making it less burdensome and more comfortable.

An office furnished with taste and elegance is an excellent business card for the company. And if the office furniture is also designed to ensure fluidity and order , the result is a functional environment, in which employees can optimize their work.

The choice of the right cabinets and suitable for the needs , based on the type of office (e.g. operational office, open space, meeting room, executive office, etc.), makes the difference in terms of quality of life working.

Offers office cabinets at cheap prices online

On, the Smart Office outlet , you can find online sales various lines of furniture and cabinets for executive office and office furniture. operational or open space, and also of the meeting room or the reception of the company.

The prices are cheap as they are offered in promotion with a 40% discount from the list prices. You can therefore purchase quality office furniture online at a affordable price.

All the furniture has in fact been designed and produced in Italy with quality materials and attention to detail, and are covered by a 2-year warranty on manufacturing defects.

Here are the furniture lines available, where you can find various models of office cabinets, such as the bookcase cabinet, the filing cabinet, the filing cabinet and the storage unit.

Types of office cabinets

There are various types of office cabinets, each with specific characteristics and intended use.

Archive cabinet

Essential for keeping files, documents and folders in order. Filing documentation is very important to keep your office in order. A filing cabinet can contain frequently used documents and in this case it must be small and positioned near the workstation. With regard to archiving of documents or materials used infrequently, larger archive cabinets are required. Filing cabinets are usually metallic and available with sliding or hinged doors. They can also be equipped with a lock with key, to ensure greater security for the filed files.

Filing cabinet

Similar to a chest of drawers, but with larger drawers, the filing cabinet allows you to properly file the hanging files. Great for storing workbooks in chronological or alphabetical order. This classification optimizes the time needed to search for documents. Models of different sizes are available, depending on your needs.

Bookcase cabinet

Depending on the type of office or study, the bookcase cabinet represents a focal point within the room. The bookcase is a representative element for professional studios and gives the environment charm and elegance. It is used to store books and files in an orderly and visible way. Today the bookcase, in addition to being a functional piece of furniture, is also a design element. Bookcase cabinets are available with a lower part equipped with doors, for storing objects that must not be visible, and an upper part with exposed shelves.

Storage unit

It has the characteristic of being modular. It can be purchased as a low cabinet or consisting of a lower part with closed doors and an upper part as a bookcase or with glass doors. It is useful for organizing and cataloging paper documents and in general for keeping the work environment in order. Also available in the model with castors.

Container cabinets

Column furniture suitable as document holders or in general also for archiving documentation. They can have a single door or two separate doors (one for the upper part and one for the lower part).

Chest of drawers

Essential for storing useful accessories for the worker. Inside them you can store the documentation you are working on, but for archiving they are not ideal. They can be fixed or equipped with wheels, to be moved more easily. They can be equipped with a key lock.

Broom cupboard

They are metal cabinets, useful for storing brooms, office cleaning accessories, detergents, etc.

Clothes hanger wardrobe

With special bar for hanging clothes. Convenient, for example, at the entrance or at the office reception, to allow visitors to hang up their jacket or coat.


Paper documents must be kept with care and attention, as order within an office is essential to ensure the smoothness of the work.

Binders and folders are essential for filing. Outside them it is possible to write which issues are inserted.

Security and privacy, in the hours when the office is closed or in the case of offices open to the public, can be guaranteed by having doors with key lock..

As for the design , the wardrobes must be chosen in line with the style of furniture of the office.

Regarding the materials, metal cabinets and wooden cabinets are available. The latter can have wooden or glass doors.

As for the doors, the choice is between hinged doors and sliding doors (especially suitable for smaller rooms).

Colors, sizes and dimensions are indicated within the various product sheets.


To find out the prices, consult the various product sheets on the site.

Alternatively, you can contact our furniture consultants and request a

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