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Office cabinets and cabinets

Online sales of office cabinets and cabinets at discounted prices

On, the Smart Office office furniture outlet , you can find everything you need for office furniture. In addition to desks, tables and chairs, there are also numerous furnishing accessories such as storage cabinets, filing cabinets and cabinets.

All furniture is sold online at affordable prices thanks to the offer Smart Office, which provides a 40% discount compared to the official price lists.

All furnishings have been designed and produced in Italy , are made with quality materials and attention to detail, and are covered by a 2-year warranty.

Below are the lines of office cabinets available in the catalog:

Everything in its place

The office is the business card of the company or the freelancer, and all its furniture should correspond to certain criteria, with colors and geometries designed to reflect the style and values of the manager or the category to which it belongs.

All the premises used for office use, therefore, must be welcoming, but at the same time comfortable and functional.

In the furnishing of an office or a study, an essential element is definitely lockers and cabinets , the ideal place to file files and documents, and suitable for always keeping in order the work environment.

The furnishing elements that cannot be missing in every operational or executive office are the desk , the chair , a bookcase and a chest of drawers or a storage cabinet to store files, photocopies, papers and documents.

Anyone who works in an open space or in a shared office with other colleagues knows perfectly well how important it is that every workstation is in order and everything is stored in its place, in how much an orderly office allows you to optimize everyone's work , also increasing productivity.

Usually these furnishing accessories are chosen from the same furniture line chosen for the office, in order to have a furniture composed of elements of the same style, but nothing prevents you from buying different series cabinets and cabinets, basing the choice above all on comfort. of the element.

Which to choose? The types

Buying a cabinet or small storage unit for the office doesn't mean you need to lack style. In fact, the office must be set up with the same care with which one would furnish one's home.

In addition to the aesthetics , however, the functionality of the element must also be considered, which must meet the needs of the employees.

So let's see what are the main types of cabinets available and their characteristics:

- Storage cabinet with lock and key : ideal for holding folders, binders and documents that need privacy. There are also armored lockers with central locking and electronic combination, for added security.

- Storage cabinets : small filing cabinets, usually low, which can be equipped with doors or drawers, and which are used to store materials and papers, in order to keep them tidy. The classic models are those with sliding or hinged doors.

- Document cabinet : it has the right thickness to contain folders and binders.

- Filing cabinets and filing cabinets : special furniture with drawers for filing hanging folders and files.

- Combined cabinets : divided into two parts, one with exposed shelves and one with doors.

- Printer cabinet : suitable for housing the printer in the upper part, and can have shelves or drawers in the lower part.

- Drawers : they can be mobile and equipped with wheels or fixed, also to be integrated directly into the desk.

- Modular cabinets : elements of various shapes, sizes and dimensions, which can be combined to your liking. They have a high degree of customization and adapt to all needs.

These storage units can be made of various materials , in wood or metal, and can also be combined with glass doors.

To know in detail sizes, sizes, colors available , consult the product sheets on the site.

According to law

All office furniture for sale on comply with safety requirements in the workplace.

Download the .pdf catalogs

To see some furniture settings and find hints and ideas for office furniture, download the pdf catalogs of the various lines for sale on

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