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Banconi Reception Ufficio

The reception counter of an office, a medical or law office, a beauty center or a hotel, is the first place where customers come into contact with the company or professional.

The reception is therefore a real business card for the company , and its furniture plays a very important role, both from an aesthetic and functional point of view.

The reception desk must be in line with the style and furnishings of the office, but at the same time it must be a functional, versatile and comfortable workstation for those who work there. The desk therefore fulfills a dual function : providing a good first impression to customers and being organized and comfortable for the reception staff.

Online sale of reception desks at affordable prices, the Smart Office online shop offers for sale various types of counters for reception furniture , able to adapt to the best in any type of work environment.

In the catalog there are angular, circular, semicircular, U-shaped, curved, wavy, round, linear, modular counters; in various sizes, dimensions, colors and materials.

The elements are modular , so that the counter can be customized to your liking and according to your operational and space needs, to adapt to any environment, from the smallest to the largest.

And for those who want to save further, there are various offers of complete compositions for reception furniture , counters equipped with everything you need , such as desk, chest of drawers, chairs, cabinets, various accessories.

All furniture is made in Italy , designed by Italian designers, produced in Italy and covered by a 2 year warranty.

Only on it is possible to buy quality reception counters online at low cost prices. All prices are in fact discounted by 40% compared to the official price lists.

How to choose the reception desk or desk

As we said earlier, the reception is the first place through which customers come into contact with the company. And since the first impression is very important , due attention must be paid to the decor of the reception.

The first indication is to choose a desk functional to the receptionist's working needs . The desk must be organized so that everything you need is always close at hand.

Therefore, depending on the type of company (e.g. reception of an office, a studio, a medical center, a beauty salon, a hotel, and so on), there will be specific needs, such as the need to be able to use your desk, computer, printer, copier, telephone, and so on. In addition, you will need archive furniture, filing cabinets or lockers to be able to archive files and documents.

The second indication is to choose a counter that has a style in line with the company furniture and with the values you want to convey.

The third tip is to always think about customers . Customers who access the reception to be received must be at ease, for this reason, if they have to wait their turn it is also advisable to organize a waiting room with special chairs and tables.

Customer service and free quote

For more information or advice on choosing the counter that best suits your needs, contact our customer service without obligation.

A customized design service is also available, with a free quote, write to

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