It has been much discussion in recent times, the validity and practicality of the open plan office. This way of organizing the work space, they said, is to strengthen the relationships between colleagues and employees bring their capiufficio, encourage team building and the sharing of skills and knowledge. As a consequence of all this, the productivity should grow. But it's all true? To refute these arguments have appeared now several studies completed in every part of the globe. These studies highlight some unpleasant consequences with regard to the work practiced in open space: it highlights a particularly significant increase in stress at the expense of the health and productivity of employees. It seems, in fact, that the total lack of privacy of those workers who exercise their profession in an open space on one side facilitates trade and conversations between employees and the other facilitates communication absolutely superficial and short-lived, or where no almost expressing beliefs or ideas articulated and detailed. Moreover, many managers are convinced that this type of environments enabling them to exercise greater control over workers, but you always have to deal with noise pollution that is created more noise there will be less control you can exert. A recent study published in the Journal of Applied Psychology sheds light on how the discussions between colleagues, the noise of the phones, printers and keyboards pc running might contribute to lose focus and employee productivity inevitably collapses.