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Mepa purchases for the public administration

Are you a PA and need to make a purchase of office furniture or chairs?
Choose Smartoffice and we will assist you on all the steps.

The Smartoffice team is available both for the procedural phase of the electronic market and for the design of the office.

Here are the various steps to follow:

  • 01. Contact us here or by email to to discuss your furnishing requests or needs.

  • 02. We will send you a detailed quote, complete with 3D project, of what has been agreed.
  • 03. Once the type and quantity of products have been established, we will upload the items to the electronic market.
  • 04. After providing you with the codes to search for the items in the supply, you can proceed with the negotiation or Rdo.
  • 05. Once the procedure on the MePA is completed, you will receive the furnishings for your office within 15 days.
  • 06. At each step you can count on our experience and assistance.

Contact us here or by email to to start designing the best solutions for your office.

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