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Office desks

Sale of office desks online on offer at discounted prices 40%

On , the e-commerce site of Smart Office, you can buy various models of tables and desks online..

All items have been designed by Italian designers and made in Italy , produced with quality materials, to ensure maximum strength and durability in use and over time.

Thanks to the special Smart Office offer, all office desks are economical as they are offered on offer at a discounted price of 40% compared to official price lists of producers.

The warranty is 2 years on manufacturing defects, and for orders of at least € 1,000, the home delivery is free.

How to choose the desk for the office

Desks are a fundamental element in any office . They must be comfortable and functional , to allow workers to perform their functions in the best possible way, and at the same time they must be in line with the style and furnishings of the company . Depending on the activity of the company and the style of furniture, desks will be chosen modern, classic, designer, colorful, vintage, elegant, luxury, ergonomic, and so on.

In choosing the office desk, various elements must therefore be taken into account, in order to adapt to the working needs of those who will use it throughout the day: the shape, size, material, color.

Here are some examples of products available on our site:

- Executive and presidential desks : these are important tables, in wood or with glass surfaces, used in the office of company executives, managers or the president. They must therefore communicate the importance and role played by those who use them.

- Operational desks : used by workers to carry out their activities during the day. They must be practical and functional, and allow you to carry out your work in the best possible way, always having everything you need at hand.

- PC desks : these are models designed for those who have to do their work on the computer. They have the necessary space for a monitor, keyboard and mouse and can be equipped with cable channels, PC holders and other accessories.

- Modular desks : thanks to special extensions and the various shapes available, it is possible to create work tables of various shapes and sizes (for example with two workstations or multi-workstations), to adapt to any space and operation requirement.

- Desks for open spaces or call centers : they are large workstations for various people to work on. The individual workstations can be divided through the use of special partition walls or equipped separators.

- Reception desks : also called counters or desks, they must be functional and equipped with everything necessary, to allow the receptionist to carry out his duties in the best possible way. The reception is in fact the first business card of the company or office.

Features and accessories

On there are various furniture lines, which offer office desks in different styles . Here are some general indications regarding the characteristics of the desks:

- Shape : rectangular, square, shaped, oval, wall / wall, corner, L

- Legs : with 4 legs, with trestle, T, U-shaped legs, height-adjustable legs or with classic wooden sides

- Worktop materials : wood or glass

- Worktop finish colors : maple, walnut, cherry, oak, wengè, rosewood, light gray, aluminum gray, anthracite

- Dimensions : many sizes available

The desks can then be equipped with a chest of drawers , a document holder , a filing cabinet , a filing cabinet or service cabinet , according to one's working needs.

There are also a number of add-ons and desk accessories , useful for keeping the work surface organized and tidy. Among these we find, for example, cable glands, computer holders, document holders, dividing panels, and more.


To learn about the technical characteristics of the various products and to see some examples of office furniture settings in which the desk is combined with certain chairs , wardrobes, filing cabinets, we recommend that you download the catalogs for free:

- Life desks catalog

- Cubo desks catalog

- Forma desks catalog

- Plano desks catalog

- Rhea desks catalog

- Move desks catalog

- Stratos Plus desks catalog

- Stratos desks catalog

- Derby desks catalog

Office desks in accordance with the law UNI EN 527-1

The desks for sale online on comply with the dimensional requirements required by the standard UNI EN 527-1: 2011 ("Office furniture - Work tables and desks - Part 1: Dimensions ").

This legislation indicates the dimensions that work tables and desks in offices must have, which are classified into four types:

- Type A : height-adjustable tables and desks (continuously, also by the user). These are the desks that allow you to work both sitting and standing. The height of the work surface must have an adjustment range from 650mm to 850mm when seated, from 950mm to 1250mm when standing and from 650mm to 1.250mm in sitting and standing position. Legroom: 1200x80mm.

- Type B : tables and desks with selectable height (at the time of installation). The adjustment varies from 650mm to 850mm in the case of sitting, and from 950mm to 1250mm in the case of standing. Legroom: 1000x80mm.

- Type C : fixed height tables and desks. The height must be 740mm (with a tolerance of 20mm over or under) for the seated position and 1050mm (with a 20mm tolerance) in the case of a standing position. The depth must be between 60mm and 80mm. Legroom: 850x80mm.

- Type D : tables and desks with adjustable or selectable height but with a reduced range of adjustability. Seat posture from 680-760mm, standing 1000-1180mm, sitting and standing position 680-1180mm. Legroom: 850x80mm.


If you need assistance in choosing the desk that best suits your furnishing needs, contact us without obligation in chat or at the toll-free number 800-168691.

Don't miss the opportunity: buy online at discounted prices! Sales never end with Smart Office.

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