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Offer office tables for sale online

Offer desks, workstations and office tables at discounted prices

On, the e-commerce store of Smart Office, various lines and models of office desks and tables can be found for sale online.

These are tables with Italian design , designed and produced in Italy with quality materials and attention to detail. They are available in various styles, from modern to contemporary, to adapt to any type of work environment.

Thanks to the Smart Office offer , all desks, workstations and office tables are on offer at affordable prices, thanks to the 40% discount on the price of price list.

Smart Office furniture consultants are available for advice and suggestions, and also offer a free design service.

Meeting room tables catalog

The office meeting room is the place where internal meetings, business appointments, meetings with clients and prospects, but also training courses or company presentations take place.

Depending on your operational and space needs, many models of meeting tables are available on, for example round, oval, square, rectangular, modular and customizable in shape and size (small, large, extendable with extensions, etc.). As for the materials, the table top can be in wood, glass or crystal.

They can be combined with the appropriate meeting room chairs.

Desks and work tables catalog

In every operative office , even open space, a key element are desks and work tables . Depending on the size of the office and the tasks to be performed, you can opt for office desks single, or work tables shared by more workers.

In the case of workstations , ie tables with several workstations, mainly used in open space offices, these can be equipped with the appropriate dividing panels for desks , partitions that allow you to divide the various workstations in a simple and functional way.

In the catalog you can buy various models of desks : classic rectangular, corner, two-station, peninsula, customizable at will thanks to extensions and extensions. Various models of legs are also available, from classic wooden sides to T-shaped or trestle legs.

They are usually combined with drawer units or filing cabinets , in order to always keep the worktop in order and have everything you need at hand, and with desk chairs .

Executive desks and tables catalog

executive desks and tables are the most important models, usually used in executive, managerial and presidential offices .

These office tables are designed to communicate the importance of the position held by the company owner, executive or manager, and are available in various styles , from classic to modern design, to adapt to every furnishing need.

They can be combined with office armchairs with higher backrest and most important session.

Work tables and office desks in accordance with the law UNI EN 527-1

The desks and office tables for sale online on comply with the requirements of the UNI EN 527-1: 2011 standard, which establishes the rules in terms of dimensions that tables and desks must have in the workplace.

Guide to choosing office desks and tables

In an office there are some elements that are indispensable and that must be chosen very carefully: they are the chairs, desks and office tables.

In operational offices , where employees spend eight hours a day sitting at a desk or work table, it is important to have a correct posture to avoid overloading the back and the neck. The rules of ergonomics provide that the table has a certain height and that when the worker is sitting at the desk, the chair is adjusted so that the legs form a right angle, with the feet well placed on the ground .

Furthermore, choosing the right type of office table leads to an improvement in the quality of work , and based on the model and design, helps to give a very precise corporate image .

There are many types of office tables , according to the needs of the worker and the needs of companies.

As a first step, you must pay attention to the measurements of the table or desk . The size requirements are governed by the standard drawn up by the European technical standardization body ( UNI EN 527-1 ).

This standard distinguishes four types of office desks and tables . For example, those with adjustable height ( type A ) adapt perfectly to every worker and every need, allowing you to work both sitting and standing, thus modifying the posture of the worker without creating back problems. Fixed-height desks ( type C ), on the other hand, must be between 60 cm and 80 cm deep and the height for the seated position must be 74 cm (with a tolerance of 2cm).

There are also other ways of distinguishing office desks, depending on their function of use: the first type is the operative desk . This office table is for workers who also need a computer and telephone station. These desks are spacious and comfortable and allow you to optimize space in the office.

Then there are the workstations , that is, the work desks shared by multiple workers. They are larger and longer tables, divided by special dividing walls that separate the workstations of individual workers, excellent for saving and taking up very little space compared to other desks. These solutions are often used in open plan offices or even in call centers.

The meeting tables are equally important, as the meeting room is the company room where clients, collaborators and guests are received, and where meetings and meetings take place. So the design must be taken care of, the table is usually large to accommodate more people, but smaller tables are also available, for smaller rooms.

The executive tables are those used in executive and managerial offices. These are important and efficient desks, which are a sort of business card of the company as they are used by managers and directors.

Another type are the presidential tables , similar to the previous ones, but larger and more impactful, as they must communicate efficiency, seriousness and prestige. These are the models intended for the office owner or company president.

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